Nobody Wants To Buy The Pink House Now That It’s Not Pink Anymore

Photo via Brownstoner
Photo via Brownstoner

News started circulating last summer that Park Slope’s beloved, impossible-to-miss pink house (or “Pinkstone”) had not only been re-painted, but flipped and put on the market for nearly twice its selling price, at $4.795 million. It was a sad sign of the times, sure, but we also didn’t question that some rich person with a lack of respect for local history would happily snap the place up. But as of yet, nobody’s bought it, and the sellers have just lowered the price.

Not by that much—it’s still an outrageous $4.45 million—but Brownstoner also points out that the property has switched brokers, from Halstead to Douglas Elliman. Does this mean potential buyers were offended by its so-called “brownwashing”? That $4.8 million is just too much money to spend on a house? Something else entirely? The details are unclear, but no time like the present to re-state our previous demand that someone buy up the place and re-paint it the original color. And this time around, it’ll be a bargain!

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