This PBR Burger Actually Sounds Pretty Good


Listen, we’re the first to acknowledge that the “hybrid food” craze needs to die down a little. So does PBR’s ubiquity, for that matter. Still, via Grub Street, this so-called “Beerger” from Philadelphia’s PYT looks pretty incredible. Like, very incredible.

See, that fried chicken-looking entity on top of the patty is actually fried beer, so much of it that you actually have to show ID to eat it. From the description on PYT’s Facebook page: “And we officially present The Beerger. Pretzel coated Fried PBR on a juicy beef patty, topped with pickles and & mustard-dill aoili.”

Yes, this sounds like something we’d eat, happily. And hopefully like a death knell for the ramen burger? But mostly just like a thing we’d like to consume immediately.

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