Finally There’s a New Hybrid Food to Take the Place of the Cronut

The Bruffin c/o
The Bruffin c/o

It’s hard to remember a time before cronuts and ramen burgers and hundred-person-long lines for said cronuts and ramen burgers, but there was such a time! And it was only a few months ago actually. That not-so-long-gone utopia existed as recently as April. What. Yes. True! But don’t get too nostalgic over the recent past, because it is NOT coming back. Why not? Because there is a new hybrid food being sold at Smorgasburg that just might have the best portmanteau name yet.

It’s the Bruffin! This “unholy mix of a muffin and a brioche” is a recent addition to Smorgasburg, and is pretty much guaranteed to be wildly popular because it is ridiculously fun to say the word “bruffin.” Really. Go ahead. Say it. It makes your lips do fun things. The Bruffin comes in three different flavors—American (Buffalo chicken & blue cheese), Spanish (chorizo & manchego), and French (Brie, herbes de Provence, Gruyere)—so you’ll feel pretty international while you eat your Bruffin in under five minutes after having stood on line for an hour. And, really, isn’t that why people stand on line for ages just to spend money on a little bit of food? So that they can feel superior to all the people who’ve never experienced the gustatory pleasures of a food trend? I think so. I wouldn’t know. I’m always the one standing in the corner eating potato chips or something similarly readily available/supremely unhealthy. But if hybrid foods are your thing, enjoy the Bruffin. It looks pretty good!

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