Inevitably, Williamsburg Gets A Starbucks


Just as the angry hype surrounding Williamsburg’s Dunkin’ Donuts locations begins to die down (and we learn that Brooklyn’s chain store boom is very, very real), Eater brings us confirmation of the long-rumored Williamsburg Starbucks location.

Reports had circulated a while back that the  coffee chain would set up shop in the former Bedford Ave. home of The Bagel Store, which closed in 2011 after landlords doubled the rent. According to job listings on the Starbucks website, though, the store will actually be located in 405-409 Union, and share a building with Hot Karl condos.

It all seems appropriate enough, and even a little inevitable. So, look forward to the easy availability of eggnog lattes, if that’s your thing, or use this as a welcome excuse to treat yourself to some of the neighborhood’s better indie coffee shops.

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