Another Dunkin’ Donuts Is Coming To Williamsburg


Looks like all our grassroots organizing idle complaining really paid off. Dunkin’ Donuts got the message loud and clear: nobody really wants them in Brooklyn, their presence off the Bedford stop has singlehandedly destroyed everything the neighborhood once stood for, we’ll take our money elsewhere. Even though they’re already fast at work on a second location off the Metropolitan L stop (and in the former location of The Subway bar), it must have worked, no?

And it’s just a coincidence that in Bedford + Bowery’s photo of the site, Dunkin’ has put up a chipper “Here we grow again” sign that sort of seems to taunt anyone with the energy to bemoan the mallification of Brooklyn? Or what happened is that they successfully set up camp in a high-foot-traffic area, have been raking in profits ever since, and have decided there’s a lot of money to made in Williamsburg, and it’s theirs for the taking. Probably the latter. Disheartening, for sure, and also maybe the only thing that could have happened to make anyone wistful about The Subway.

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