Don’t Want to Cook? 5 Brooklyn Restaurants Where You Can Spend Thanksgiving


Not everyone's Thanksgiving is as blissful as Hannah and her Sisters. Oh. Wait.
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It’s almost Thanksgiving. But you know that already, right? You’re probably already adding extra holes in your belts (ha…I think that’s a thing people do?) in preparation for the big feast. But maybe you don’t come from a family with such great cooking skills. Maybe you have suffered through years of dry, grainy turkey breast; lumpy mashed potatoes in desperate need of salt; gelatinous cranberry sauce that still retains markings from its can, plopped unceremoniously on a serving platter. Well, I’m here to say that you shouldn’t do that to yourself again this year! Convince your family and friends to go out to dinner on Thanksgiving! You’ll still be able to preserve all the best parts of your holiday tradition (togetherness, conversation, lots of wine), while also getting to enjoy food that’s probably much better than anything you’ve had in years.


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