The 50 Funniest People In Brooklyn


“Hey Brooklyn, do you like to laaaaugh?” We’d like to think that’s how we’d start off our set if given the opportunity to take a crack at some local standup, anyway. For some reason, nobody ever asks. Probably because in spite of a much-discussed exodus of talented comedians to L.A. over the past few years (TV pays, we get it), New York’s comedy scene is thriving. Particularly in Brooklyn, which has quietly become home to some of the best emerging talent on the east coast (not to mention some of the very best standup venues). As such, we’ve selected 50 of them that we’d like you to know about, if you don’t already. We’re not being sticklers, here: some of the people who made the cut don’t technically live in the borough (or even New York State), but all of them contribute to the local comedy scene in ways we deem to be crucial. Mostly, though, they are all very, very funny.



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