The 10 Creepiest Buildings in Brooklyn

brooklyn creepy house
Scouting NY

One of the best things about Halloween is the advent of fall and the change in the air—Jack Autumn nipping at your nose. Watching a horror movie with a cool October breeze wafting through that window you forgot to close is inimitable. But say you want to get out of the house and away from the TV? Try walking around Brooklyn and passing these buildings, whose creepy facades will blend perfectly with the weather to create the perfect seasonal experience. (Don’t forget about our little cemeteries, too!)


  1. This list is totally weak. It’s based on facades (literally) and there’s no substance or historical context to any of the houses. Murders? Deaths? Use for satanic rituals? Nope. It’s just in disrepair! ooOoOoOoooo

  2. ok I think you need more scouts or maybe locals to do your research. only 2 out of 10 should be on this list. Sorry but it’s just the truth


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