Which Brooklyn Neighborhoods Are The Greenest?

Brooklyn Green Heatmap - Map of BK's Trees, Parks and Farmers Markets
Name literally any facet of urban life—babies, bars, food, livability, garbage collection, crime, noise complaints, “hipster heat”—and someone (maybe even us!) has ranked it, or made a map of it, or both. And it’s not an especially nonsensical thing to do. If you’re paying an outrageous amount for your small stake in Brooklyn’s real estate market, may as well assess its value by every metric possible. Or at least have one more way to quietly compare yourself to your friends, colleagues and neighbors each and every day.

So! Today’s metric is trees. Which is a pretty reasonable quality of life measure. And Rentenna’s map of Brooklyn (based on proximity to farmers markets and parks and, of course, density of trees), doesn’t contain too many huge surprises. The area around Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill fares well, as does Park Slope and just about any area in proximity to major parks, particularly Prospect and Borough Park. Bay Ridge, Crown Heights, and even Bed Stuy all look pretty good, too. Bushwick and Flatbush, meanwhile, are pretty bleak, and other than the areas around McCarren and McGolrick Park, Williamsburg isn’t all that impressive here, either.

Which means rents will probably dip in those neighborhoods, right? People will only pay so much money to live among pavement and wind-blown trash, yes? Ahahaha. Well. Anyway, it’s a very nice map.

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