Photos: Inside The Cobble Hill Home of Rucola and Fitzcarraldo Co-Owner Henry Moynahan Rich

Yesterday, we took you inside the Boerum Hill apartment of Julian Brizzi, one of the minds behind Rucola as well as 3rd Ward’s forthcoming in-house restaurant, Fitzcarraldo. Earlier this week, we also headed over to Cobble Hill to pay a visit to his cousin and business partner, Henry Moynahan Rich, at the apartment he shares with girlfriend Nadja Bruder on the (remarkably well-lit) top floor of a local brownstone. After three years in the place and a slow, thoughtful decorating process, Rich laughed and told us, “I think we’re now at the point where we shouldn’t get any more stuff.”

How long have you lived in Brooklyn?

Since 2009, although I lived the first few years of my life a few blocks from where I live now in Cobble Hill, so it’s a homecoming of sorts.

Why’d you first move here?

I worked and lived in an old chocolate factory for 7 years in NJ and needed a change. I moved in with Nadja in Bed-Stuy and couldn’t believe I had ever lived anywhere else.

What’s your favorite thing about this apartment?

The light, at different times of day it changes every room.

What’s your least favorite thing about the apartment?

Tiny bath, it’s barely large enough to shampoo a mini-goat.

What are the first three inanimate things you would save in a fire?

Photo-album of my parents, a book of Meiji Japanese calligraphy, and my laptop.

What’s your favorite room in the apartment and your favorite time of day?

The bedroom at dusk, it’s facing west so you can see the sunset in the channel.

If you suddenly received a windfall of cash, what changes would you make?


If you could move the house/block/neighborhood to another city, which one would it be and why?

Paris, it’s my girlfriend’s home-town and the only city that’s ever made me as happy as Brooklyn.

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