Hipsters Tired of “Hipsters” Ruining Williamsburg

Williamsburg hipsters fake hipsters beef

  • One of these people is a resident; the other is a tourist. This isn’t a joke.

People who recently moved to Williamsburg are angry that their favorite bars are now being overrun by bridge-and-tunnel tourists, DNAinfo reports. The worst blocks are those around the Wythe Hotel, residents report: you can’t even go to Brooklyn Bowl, the Output Club, Kinfolk Studios or the hotel anymore without running into a bunch of phonies. “They’re poser hipsters. They come from the city or from New Jersey to come play hipster for the weekend,” one local resident told the website. “There’s some weird touristy draw… All the cool bars that used to be not crowded are now crowded by weekenders.”

And it’s not just the Wythe Zone. Area residents also report that the waterfront around the state park has been overrun. “I have friends who come in from Manhattan to walk around or go to the Brooklyn Flea,” another resident told DNAinfo. “And I’m like, ‘Just because you want your touristy fix one day doesn’t mean I can hang out [with you].’ I live here all the time.” I don’t understand why she’s mad because her friends want to visit her neighborhood and hang out with her, but whatever.

The irony here is off the charts. “Born and raised in W’burg, I find it highly ironic that these ‘hipsters’ are complaining about ‘posers’ invading from Manhattan,” one commenter wrote. “Aren’t you all invaders?” Well, I mean, sure, but there’s a distinction between different kinds of invaders… fuckin’ yuppies.

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