Hipsters Tired of “Hipsters” Ruining Williamsburg

Williamsburg hipsters fake hipsters beef

  • One of these people is a resident; the other is a tourist. This isn’t a joke.

People who recently moved to Williamsburg are angry that their favorite bars are now being overrun by bridge-and-tunnel tourists, DNAinfo reports. The worst blocks are those around the Wythe Hotel, residents report: you can’t even go to Brooklyn Bowl, the Output Club, Kinfolk Studios or the hotel anymore without running into a bunch of phonies. “They’re poser hipsters. They come from the city or from New Jersey to come play hipster for the weekend,” one local resident told the website. “There’s some weird touristy draw… All the cool bars that used to be not crowded are now crowded by weekenders.”

And it’s not just the Wythe Zone. Area residents also report that the waterfront around the state park has been overrun. “I have friends who come in from Manhattan to walk around or go to the Brooklyn Flea,” another resident told DNAinfo. “And I’m like, ‘Just because you want your touristy fix one day doesn’t mean I can hang out [with you].’ I live here all the time.” I don’t understand why she’s mad because her friends want to visit her neighborhood and hang out with her, but whatever.

The irony here is off the charts. “Born and raised in W’burg, I find it highly ironic that these ‘hipsters’ are complaining about ‘posers’ invading from Manhattan,” one commenter wrote. “Aren’t you all invaders?” Well, I mean, sure, but there’s a distinction between different kinds of invaders… fuckin’ yuppies.

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  1. So sad that these newly transplanted HIPSTERS are now the ones complaining about weekenders ruining their community….
    Give me a freaggin break! I grew up on theses streets and miss the days of skelly, handball & johnny on the pony… Games played on the very same (barren) streets of a time long gone. Where do these villainous neighborhood snatchers get the nerve to claim Williamsburg as theirs… This elitist self imposed image of entitlement is exactly what this city can do without! HIPSTERS arent really as hip as the think they are, most of whom arent even from New York City… It has always been the Nitty & Gritty-ness of Native New Yorkers that has kept this city the hippest town on the planet…. Maybe the time has come to protest this invasion….. HIPSTERS Go Home ! ! !

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  3. Poverty Tourists AKA Hipsters can now move to Bed-Sty or Crown Heights and gives us back Williamsburg and the L Train

  4. What I love is everyone – hipsters, yuppies, old timers – arguing about whose city or neighborhood this is. All that is yours is what you own. You don’t own Williamsburg. A neighborhood is not a pair of boots. You can’t stop people from moving here or visiting because you liked the neighborhood better ten years ago. My favorite Williamsburg was that of the years 1999 – 2003, but what of it? Cities change, populations migrate, the free market acts according to supply and demand. I’m not happy about it, either, but there is fuck all to be done, so either deal with it, or find another city that feels more like Brooklyn of yore – there are plenty in existence.

  5. Been in Williamsburg for 5 years, I don’t claim it as MY city. I do, however miss less crowded bars and restaurants. What’s wrong with that? I’m not allowed to hate that all of the new places opening up by the river have interior design right out of the shitty Manhattan playbook? I’m allowed to lament not being able to walk through Bedford and N7 (now aka Little Times Square) without having to dodge 8,000 tourists.

  6. Hipsters complaining about “hipster posers” and invaders? Oh the irony. Hipsters by their very nature are posers. They invade neighborhoods much like cockroaches or mice (no offense to cockroaches or mice) invade buildings. Hipsters suck.

  7. What a bunch of stuck up, non-accepting, pre-madonna, brats… We want freedom, but stay out of our area. We shouldn’t have to pay taxes, but we want everything for free. Hipsters, I have met, are the most ignorant self riotous scum waste that I have ever met. Useless populous!!!

  8. from Killing Williamsburg, re: Billburg, c. 2000:
    “You think you’re any different from anyone who ever lived in this neighborhood?” he asked.
    “Come on,” I said, waving him along. “Let’s have it.” I was just high enough to be curious, if not amiable.
    He put his elbow on the bar. “You think the Canarsie were happy when they finally realized the Dutch weren’t going away? If you spoke Algonquin, you’d be standing around your hometown of Cripplebush, knee-deep in swamp mud, bitching about the Dutch. And if you spoke Dutch, you’d be bitching about the English.”
    “He would be,” Olive mumbled, lighting a cigarette, but the man was at a full rolling boil and didn’t acknowledge her.
    “Bet you the French and Scandinavians were happy enough until Hazard came in with his goddamned ferry boat. Then you got people from Manhattan coming across the East River to North 2nd—it’s Metropolitan now, but it’s always been the line between rich and poor. Then Mayor Berry makes Billburg part of Brooklyn to get out of a scandal, and there’s your ancestors bitching about how they don’t wanna live in no Brooklyn. Or maybe you’re one of the last Dutch, bitching about how goddamned fashionable the neighborhood’s got- ten now that all these Germans and Austrians and Irish have moved in and turned it into suburbia. And I can just see you, some German kid, frothing at the mouth when the Williams- burg Bridge opens up and all these stinking Eastern European Jews, all poor as hell, come swarming into your neighbor- hood. Or if you live farther west, you can bitch about all the Italians coming in with their loud-ass giglio. So they build the BQE and cut the neighborhood in half, and if you’re poor you lose your house and join the riots. And if you’re Jewish, you can start oy vey–ing about all the dirty Puerto Ricans and Dominicans flocking in to work in the Domino Sugar factory. Nothing’s changed, kid. Gentrification is just the latest term. People in Williamsburg have always been pissed when strangers come in and start changing the demographics. Besides, you’re white, you’re young—you’re the latest wave. You’re part of the problem.”


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