The Hipster Barber of Smith Street

Trendy barbershops have sprouted up across the city like luxury condos in Williamsburg, but none seems to embody the neo-barber movement quite like this Carroll Gardens cuttery. Setting up shop where the late Giorgio “Sal the Barber” Zocco had been lowering ears since Howard Golden’s first term as borough president, this new hair-trimming spot retains certain stylish aspects of the classic barber shop—Sal’s old mural of Italy remains on the back wall, and you can’t make an appointment—with some Markowitz-era updates: $20 haircuts now cost $40, but they come with free seltzers or beers while you wait. Trendiest of all, if you’d rather run a few errands, they’ll take your cell phone number and give you a buzz when it’s your time to get buzzed.


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