As innovative startups reinvent life as we know it, how has work style adapted to match a modern, constantly redefined work culture?

We chatted with four game-changers in their respective fields whose work clothes amplify their brand and inspire boundless creativity in their business.

All photos were taken at The Yard: South Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s newest workspace for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

Dani Dufresne, Founder & Executive Producer at The Auxiliary Co.

The Auxiliary is a production consultancy, bringing cutting edge projects to life for brands and agencies. They have worked on top campaigns for (RED), Anheuser Busch, Facebook, Target and Macy’s.

How does your style speak to your brand?

“I work in advertising, so it’s very important to present yourself as knowing the latest trends. I tend to dress chic but approachable since I work with a range of clients from high-end fashion brands, to pharmaceuticals and nonprofits.”

Dani Dufresne, The Auxiliary Co.

“I find that I gain confidence from my wardrobe, especially on the days I have a ton to do, or important meetings. When you’re your own company, you have to find a way to represent that to the world. Also… be sure to have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Dani in her office with her pup, Jackson

Instagram: @theauxiliaryco / @sweetdmd

Bryony Cole, CEO & Executive Producer of Future of Sex and thinktank

Future of Sex is a podcast exploring the connections between sex tech, ancient wisdoms, and cultural phenomenons to better understand how we might view and shape the future of sex.

Bryony’s recent YouPorn x Future of Sex sextech hackathon invited 12 teams to address challenges in sexuality, such as reinventing education and improving health, through technology. Over the next few months the winning team, Socratex, will work on bringing a sexual education platform for high school students to life through the world’s first sextech accelerator at The Yard.

How does your outfit lend itself to success?

“On the bottom part is movability, and on the top I wear something nicer. I’m always on the go and need to wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable.”

Bryony Cole, Future of Sex. Featured artwork by Sui Park.

“I like to show my personality and creativity, whether that means wearing a beaded, sequin top, a fun hat, or something else I found at a thrift store.”


Instagram: @futureofsex

Nate Tate, Creative Director at CoCo & Co

CoCo & Co provides custom branded coconuts and coconut spreads for irresistibly Instagrammable pop-ups, activations, and parties. They recently traveled to Malibu for beach-side activations with Camila Cabello to celebrate the launch of her new makeup line.

How does your style inspire you as a creative director?

“We’re selling a fun, easy-going lifestyle, and we need to project that with what we wear but also look professional.”

Nate Tate, CoCo & Co. Featured artwork by Diane Davis.

“I’ve been in advertising for 15 years; When I graduated, my dad bought me a bunch of suits, but that style wasn’t for me. As a creative, clients and customers want to see you looking fashionable in a way that amplifies your ideas. Wearing traditional business clothes would be a detriment in a business like this. I always try to wear crazy patterned shirts. If a nice button up is in a crazy pattern it comes off as professional and creative.”


“I conceptualized and painted the patterns for all of the coconut butter jars. The patterns are based on Hawaiian and tropical prints, influenced heavily by my style creatively and my clothing. The spreads themselves are sourced responsibly from the tropics and are all natural and organic. We have some fun flavors like spiced coconut, ginger molasses, and matcha available through our online store.”

Instagram: @cocoandco

DaVonne Bacchus, Head of Membership Sales at The Yard

Brooklyn native DaVonne joined the team at The Yard in 2015. Responsible for customer success and engaging new members, DaVonne helps the company’s 14 locations across the East Coast stay on top of their community’s needs and help their businesses succeed.

How do your work clothes help you in your role?

“Since we have eleven locations in New York alone, I travel around the city a lot. In the summertime I like to go lighter for the work day which helps with the heat and is reflective of my approachable, fun personality. It makes traveling from place to place a breeze.”

DaVonne Bacchus, The Yard.

“I’m able to breathe in this. The cuffed pants and sleeves help me look polished while staying comfortable. Being mobile is really important to me, so I wear shoes that will help me through the day.”


“I also wear an Apple watch, which allows me to check e-mails on the go and be efficient even when I’m traveling – and still look sleek.”

Instagram: @theyard


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