New York City is famously known as the city that never sleeps. Adding that it’s because everyone’s caffeinated AF would erobably rob the saying of its charm. Coffee is synonymous with New York— so is the subway being delayed due to train traffic ahead. Luckily Abbotsford Road coffee is here to help make the former as special of an experience as possible. I experienced this first hand at the opening of the specialty coffee supplier’s Gowanus café and headquarters during their grand opening event.


After a warm welcome and a quick tour of their giant café replete with expert baristas pouring latte art at the ready and huge burlap sacks of coffee beans piled high, I heard the four words that’ll make a coffee lover’s heart beat faster than too much caffeine: “Try whatever you’d like.” Whether you’re a coffee novice, or your collection of Chemex coffee gear makes your kitchen look like a scene from Breaking Bad, Abbotsford Road has something for you. I somehow exercised self control and limited my choices to two drinks: A classic latté, a long-time staple of my caffeine dependency, and a $100 Panama pour-over coffee that I’d only think about ordering maybe once a year after my income tax money hit my bank account.

For the uninitiated, a latté is a combination of steamed milk and espresso, and when done skillfully it can literally be a work of art. Don’t believe me? “I just applied for the 2018 World Latté Art Championship,” my barista Rupert casually mentioned as he started my drink. Yes that’s actually a thing. Real talk, after hearing that I was expecting my latté to come out with a foam reproduction of the Mona Lisa in it. It didn’t, but it was very pretty and most importantly— it was delicious. The espresso was bold but not bitter, and the milk rippled throughout like rich, frothy silk. Just the way I love it. I recommend this option for all my fellow latté lovers, as well as anyone who doesn’t consider themselves a coffee drinker but wants to start. Abbotsford Road is as much about offering great coffee as they are about empowering others to step their coffee game all the way up. Feeling adventurous? Check out one of their complementary latté art classes!

What better way to close things out than with a showstopper? That’s exactly what Abbotsford Road’s $100 Peruvian pour-over is. Now, I’m still not sure what qualifies any coffee to cost $100, but thankfully you’ll also find free specialty coffee and alternative brewing classes at Abbotsford Road to lend some more understanding. However, I can say that this was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. The flavor was strong enough for me to know that I’d be up for hours that evening cleaning when I got home, but so smooth that I didn’t even consider adding a drop of cream or sugar to it. It paired perfectly with a slice of delicious honey pie that tasted like a more buttery version of crème brûlée set in a flaky yet tender crust. In the end I left not a crumb or a drop behind.

As New Yorkers, we are usually no more than a few feet away from our next cup of coffee at any given time. The folks at Abbotsford Road want to make that coffee a unique and special experience from “crop to cup.” Abbotsford Road is worth the visit whether you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, to up your knowledge and hone your barista skills, or bring their delicious roasts to your restaurant or café. It’ll only take one sip to see that Abbotsford Road truly is “coffee worth coming back for.”

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Jillian Mojica is a private chef, dance instructor, and lover of food with a lot to say. She’s originally from Brentwood, Long Island and has lived in NYC for the past ten and a half years. Moving to Brooklyn five years ago, she fell in love and has called it home ever since. You can catch her on the internets talking about food, life, sex, dance and whatever pops into her head.


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