Looking at the contents of a person’s bag is kind of like peeking into a neighbor’s window as you stroll down your block. It feels personal, like you’re getting an inside look into someone’s private life. Since rummaging through your coworkers’ bags uninvited is generally frowned upon, I asked some of my colleagues to walk me through what they carry in their day-to-day. Morgan and Chris were happy to oblige and gave me a look into their Rivendell Mountain Work Packs. Not-so-coincidentally, I have a Rivendell Pack too, and decided to show you all what’s in it for good measure. Even though we all carry the same bags (custom with our company logo!), it turns out they can serve quite a few purposes. Between overnight trips and routine days in the office, this is what Brooklyn Mag staffers use their Rivendell Packs for:

I usually carry a leather shoulder bag to work because I like that I can bring it on the subway without worrying about bumping my backside into an unassuming stranger. Without my laptop and various pens/pencils/chargers that I bring with me to the office every day, my backpack is left free for whatever extracurricular uses I want! I take it on weekend trips with me because it’s the perfect size for a few changes of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, and my travel-sized accessories. The oversized pocket in the front makes storing small items like my bobby pins and toothbrush easy so they won’t get lost. This past October, I took it on a spooky camping trip to Salem, Massachusetts, and it proved to be the one of the best travel companions with me that weekend!- Morgan McMullen, Art Director

I use my backpack for days spent on site. I’ve gotta have my glasses at all times, ’cause what you can’t see can hurt you. I use my notebook to collect streams of consciousness, keys for storage units and, of course, my trusty Netflix player, commonly known as a MacBook, for entertainment. Not pictured: Topo Chico because I drank it.- Chris Schuett

In my bag, you’ll find pouches of multiple varieties. My pink Glossier pouch holds all my makeup essentials to get me through the day (think powder, lip balm, and hair ties), while I store money, cards, and keys in my brown leather “wallet.” It’s not actually a wallet, and nearly everything I put in it disappears, so I usually throw my credit and Metro Cards in my front backpack pocket, where they feel much safer, and call it a day.

Matcha gives me energy throughout the day, and I keep Mario Badescu’s rose water facial spray for even more of a pick-me-up. Last but not least, I carry my phone with me everywhere to stay on top of non-stop emails. While my phone’s screen has certainly seen better days, its resilience and perserverance never fails to inspire me – Susanna Friedman, Style Editor

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