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New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep. Every year, losing weight and staying fit are two major resolutions people strive for, but 80% have already broken their resolution by February. How can you be sure that you stick to yours?

Be Realistic With Your Goal

Nothing will kill your motivation faster than an unattainable goal. Dividing your long-term goal into more easily achievable short-term goals gives you more immediate steps to work towards – reducing a goal of losing a certain amount of pounds over a year into 6 two-month goals creates a more immediate deadline and therefore feels more achievable.  

Find Support By Making Your Goal Public

Let your friends and family know your goals and that you want their support in completing them. This could be from anything from workout friends to cooking partners to encouraging text messages – just knowing that people are rooting for you can be a huge push in completing your resolution.

If you still need some help, Crunch has personal trainers and nutrition specialists on hand to help make sure you’re doing everything to achieving your goal.

Combine Multiple Goals Into One

If you have multiple resolutions that funnel to the same result (working out and eating healthier, for example), try thinking them of them as dual pathways to the same goal: a new you. By thinking of them as the same goal, they work hand-in-hand rather than as two different obstacles to overcome.

Take It One Step at a Time

It’s okay to mess up – we all do, and changing old habits can be extremely difficult. What’s important is brushing off the lapse and keeping at your goal. Remember – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Embrace The Crunch ‘No Judgments’ Philosophy

For many of us, going to the gym is anxiety-inducing: What if I work out wrong? What if people laugh at me? This isn’t an excuse at Crunch, where positivity (encourage others to keep going and do their best), inclusivity (welcome everyone, regardless of demographics), and fun (what’s the point if you’re not?) are the three core tenets that drive every workout.

Somewhere in between the “adulting,” Crunch helps people carve out a little bit of time for themselves, to feel better and have some fun. Whether you’re (bench)pressed for time or can spend a few hours working out, every moment at Crunch is fun, empowering and uniquely yours. Sign up for a free 5 day pass and personal training session now!