Because of the internet, and social media, artists have been blessed with the unprecedented power to connect with their audience directly. That power comes with a responsibility. One many artists are learning to wield. One such artist is East Flatbush’s own, Adrian Daniel.

Since Adrian’s first album, Disillusions, came out last year, his momentum in the industry, like his following, has had steady and reliable growth. With over 1 million streams on Spotify, and coverage by The Fader, Vibe, and Billboard, it’s an honor that Brooklyn Magazine is the platform that Adrian wanted to partner with to announce that his second album, FLAWD, drops March 2nd!

Included in this announcement, is FLAWD‘s 14-song tracklist, which includes the album’s single, “Open Up,” (which can be listened to here). FLAWD is an album true to its name. An album that’s as sonically expansive as it is narratively cohesive. And an album where the cover says more than I can—for now, at least.

Album Artwork by Geo. Photo in artwork by Keaton Matusich.

FLAWD (3/2/2018)

  1. Start Movie (Intro)
  2. Roxanne
  3. Open Up
  4. Enough
  5. Deadly Attraction
  6. SMH Interlude
  7. Face of Eve (ft. RÜDY CATWEŁŁ)
  8. Havoc
  9. Midnight Tears
  10. Real
  11. This City
  12. Rare Prelude
  13. Rare
  14. Dreaming
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Yahdon Israel is the Editorial Director of Northside Media, Inc. and the Editor-in-Chief of Brooklyn Magazine. He has written for Avidly, The New Inquiry, Brooklyn Magazine, LitHub, and Poets and Writers. He graduated from the MFA Creative Non-Fiction Writing program at the New School. He's the Awards and Membership VP of the National Book Critics Circle. Runs a popular Instagram page which promotes literature and fashion under the hashtag Literaryswag, and hosts a web show for writers called LIT.