Jameson takes us behind the scenes to present 12 of Brooklyn’s finest bartenders – the heroes who make it all happen. Learn about the hidden talents and signature drinks, tips beyond tipping, and even hear some of their best bar stories. This week’s Bartender Spotlight: Chauncey Smith. 

What tip would you give a new bartender that you wish you had known?
When to shake and when to stir… You’d be surprised by how many people don’t know.

What’s your favorite song on your bar’s playlist?
“Solid Wall of Sound” by A Tribe Called Quest.

What’s your signature Jameson Cocktail?
I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the New York Sour. I like to use the Jameson Black Barrel in it. Makes for a really tasty and beautiful looking drink.

What’s your second passion outside of bartending?
Makeup! And all the art behind it.

Have you ever been starstruck by a customer?
Man, I used to serve Joe Pesci and I’m obsessed with Home Alone. He was awesome.

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