On September 12, Brooklyn Community Services launched its ONE Brooklyn Community MTA Campaign “Many Voices, Many Stories,” a public service poster campaign now in its third year. Across 36 subway stations in Brooklyn, the series displays notable Brooklynites speaking out about poverty and supporting neighbors. Among the featured faces are Carla Hall, Chris Hayes, and Brooklyn Magazine’s founder Daniel Stedman.

“It’s important to honor Brooklyn’s history and diversity by working with our local businesses as we bring Brooklyn to national and international audiences,” Stedman’s poster reads.

Despite a rise in wealthy renters in many Brooklyn neighborhoods, 23 percent of Brooklynites are living in poverty. The campaign highlights figures who are socially conscious in their lives and work, and use their artistic talents and resources to make political statements and aid their community. Those featured include children and adults, as well as people who work across various disciplines.

”The commitment of Investors Bank to the Brooklyn community has enabled BCS to partner with Brooklyn notables who help us build greater awareness, community engagement, volunteerism, philanthropy and activism,” said Sonya Shields, Chief Officer for External Relations and Advancement at Brooklyn Community Services. “Brooklyn is developing so rapidly.  The downtown area is becoming little Manhattan, but most people aren’t aware that 23% of the borough lives below the poverty line. Our ONE Brooklyn Community campaign aims to celebrate the triumphs of our community, but draws much needed attention to serious struggles that poor people face on a daily basis and ways to get involved and make positive change in our community.”