The Only Thing Better Than Ordering Delivery Is… Delivery That Truly Understands You.

Want a $5 coupon to use on a food delivery app that totally gets you? We thought you might. Spoiler alert: That food delivery app is us! Hi, we’re Eat24, and we understand your most urgent, demanding, and salacious cravings.

Whether you start your day with chicken and waffles from Pies-n-Thighs or you’re more of a late-night Thai food fiend, we promise to deliver delicious food right to your door. We recommend scrolling through some food porn on Yelp to get some order inspiration before you order.

Personally, we love lusting after pictures of eggs benedict smothered in hollandaise sauce, decadent lobster rolls, and perfect pizza. Actually, we’re feelin’ kinda hungry right now.

Since we already took off our pants (OK fine, we never put pants on today), we’re gonna order ourselves a little something — we can’t let this $5 coupon go to waste, after all. And neither should you…

Enter the promo code ‘bkbriefly’ to get $5 off your next meal from Eat24. You can order right through the Yelp App if that’s easier for you.*

Now if you can excuse us, we need to find the right mood lighting, kick up our feet, and wait for the doorbell to ring. Here’s to the best three minutes of our day.


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Code is applicable when payment is made with a credit card. You must spend at least $15. The code expires on Friday, June 30 at 11:59PM PST. May only be redeemed once.


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