GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, sorry. Had to get that out of my system. You see, the trailer for the delayed and shortened seventh season of HBO’s megahit sensation just dropped, and I just watched it in the last few minutes and my heart is probably beating faster than Tyrion Lannister’s while watching a trial-by-combat.

The new season, which will finally come to our screens on July 16—previous seasons have started around the first week of April—is going to be wildly exciting, as always, but particularly so considering the fact that the show is beginning to wrap up. This is going to be the penultimate season for our heroes, so there’s more excitement than ever to see what’s going to happen with Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and the others. What kind of evil stuff is Cersei Lannister about to get into? Looks like a lot! What about Jaime Lannister? He’ll probably be conflicted! And Tyrion is going to do the Tyrion thing—it’s been a couple years since Peter Dinklage won an Emmy, so it’s probably around time for that to happen agian.

Anyway, here’s the important part. Watch this trailer, and get ready to scream THE KING IN THE NORTH—or jam to Rains of Castamere and pledge your allegiance to the Lannisters for some reason. Whatever floats your boat. Try your best to keep yourself together as we wait for July 16; here’s the trailer:


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