Visitors lurch their way through blackened corridors in a cavernous, cement-floored space, relinquishing sight for senses—touch, smell, and taste—in order to ground themselves in their surroundings. Half-concealed passageways lead from room to giddily-themed room, with surprises lurking around each and every bend.

20170421-_MG_7693This isn’t some off-season haunted house, however, but Beer Mansion—a next-level amplification of Brooklyn Brewery’s annual, roving Mash parties. Kicking off in their home borough for the very first time (before setting off on a month’s long world tour), it’s certainly a far cry from your average kegger: It’s an immersive, experiential bacchanalia of “beer, art, music, beer, technology, beer, community, beer, partying, and beer one more time for the folks in the back.”

20170421-_MG_7660Segmented into five distinct districts—alternately occupied by inflated palm trees, live musicians, on-call haiku writers, and chefs forging spin art from crudo—installations include Tart of the Tropics (a beachy scene of sours, crisp pilsners, and citrusy IPA’s), The Stoop (a chilled-out ode to table beers and blondes), The Forest (a hop-fueled fantasia of lagers and earthy brown ales), The Darkness (an atmospheric opium den of porters and stouts), and The Anatomy of a Beer, which marks the debut of the Brewery’s fruity, oak-aged Kiwi’s Playhouse with a series of madcap, hands-on science experiments.

20170421-_MG_7857So gird your guts and hold onto your glasses, as the nation’s most conceptual, suds-fixated house party may be headed to an abandoned warehouse near you.

Tour Dates

London: May 12-13
Paris: June 8-9
Philadelphia: Aug. 11-12
Gothenburg: Sept. 1-2
Chicago: Sept. 22-23
Washington, D.C.: Oct. 20-21
Boston: Oct. 27-28

For more information, visit BrooklynBreweryMASH.com

Photos by Sasha Turrentine


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