We abhor crowds, are apathetic about mimosas, have a minimum of oozy egg pics on our Instagram feed, and are resistant to waking early on the weekends in search of the above. So we figured we’d dutifully squeeze a year’s worth of waffle-eating and bloody mary-sipping into a single Sunday, by braving Brooklyn’s first iteration of a roving tasting event called BrunchCon. And while none of the assembled vendors took the bait, by cranking out runny eggs for 3,000, the Korbel-fueled celebration (and following, artfully-structured bites) proved a pancake paparazzo’s wet dream.
Bk Magazine - BrunchconOaxaca’s Papas Bravas Tacos
Though no one messed with eggs, BK’s taqueria chain crammed the remaining Mexicali breakfast essentials—hash browns, chorizo “dust,” pico de gallo, cotilla cheese—into griddle-warmed tortillas.
BrunchconParlay Gastropub’s S’mores Waffles
These bite-sized cakes played straight to their audience, with their tempting topknots of marshmallows and graham crackers, and accompanying, drizzle-it-yourself chocolate-filled syringes.
Bk Magazine - BrunchconManousheh’s Flatbreads
A beacon amongst a sea of brown, it was hard to ignore this bouquet of Lebanese breakfast sammies, brimming with vegetables, yogurt and herbs. But beware the selfie, showcasing za’atar-spackled teeth.
Bk Magazine - BrunchconHome/Made’s Waffles with Pecan Cardamom Honey Butter
Proving a study in beige can be actually be attractive, the Red Hook café accessorized their liège-style waffles with a crest of candied nuts, and alluring treacle swirls.
Bk Magazine - BrunchconSweetface Snoballs’ Sno Cones
While hardly a brunch item, these drew the biggest lines on looks alone; strawberry cheesecake syrup swirled atop shaved ice by a retro, red lipsticked lady being the ultimate moneyshot.
Bk Magazine - BrunchconHooch’s Mimosas
Somehow, we don’t think it was coincidence that this well-illuminated table scored a window seat, overlooking Grand Prospect Hall’s comely garden.
Photos by Valery Rizzo


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