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We are extremely lucky to be living in history’s second greatest moment of South Asian men in 1970s fashion (following close behind the actual 1970s). Earlier this week, we had Dev Patel in GQ looking like the flyest motherfucker on the planet.

Now, we have Riz Ahmed sitting cross-legged with hella fly hair and insanely stylish flowing ‘70s clothes in the video for “Aaja,” the latest single from his project with Heems, Swet Shop Boys. Their debut album Cashmere came out in 2016, and is full of catchy political songs about things like airport security, FBI entrapment, Indian identity, Pakistani-Indian relations, and a few like “Aaja” that are just party jams.

Oh, and half of the video is about a young guy in Coney Island who tries to lure his crush to a Swet Shop Boys concert. There’s a street sign in Brooklyn literally within the first 10 seconds of the video, so don’t tell me this isn’t Brooklyn-related, because it is.

Truly, hot as Benny Lava.


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