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Action figures are fun, right? When I hear the term Action Figures, I immediately get visions from my childhood, creating good vs. bad scenarios in my eight-year-old head: Batman vs. The Joker was a common occurrence, with other details always varying. Today, we’ve got our own version of The Joker—and he’s residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

To keep with that parallel, FCTRY, a toy company in Brooklyn, began selling a Donald Trump action figure last summer—as the villain. Complete with orange skin, tiny hands, and removable hair, the toy was designed by artist Mike Leavitt, who based it on Superman’s arch nemisis, Lex Luthor. It became as much of a hit as the company’s earlier figures—of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, conceived as the heroes of the set.

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Now, since Trump’s rise and eventual victory (gag),  the action figure became an even bigger hit than expected, and it put the company—who aimed for the toy to be their version of a Darth Vader, or a Dr. Evil—in a weird spot. So last week they made an announcement: 100% of the toy’s profits will go to the ACLU, in an attempt to help defend against any unconstitutional policies that the new administration might try to enforce.

As a result, sales for the toy have spiked—it’s now their most popular product—and is generating a strong amount of funds. FCTRY is also looking for other non-profit organizations to work with on future anti-Trump endeavors.

The company has plans to release more hero figures this year, but wants to make it clear: they won’t be making any more villains.



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