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The Super Bowl was won by a host of evil villains last night, crushing the hearts of anyone outside of New England in the process. So, what better time for something to bring us all up? Just a few minutes ago, Chance The Rapper—maybe the most joyous performer of the moment—dropped the music video for “Same Drugs,” off last year’s Coloring Book.

The video, which sees Chance duetting from behind a piano with a googly-eyed pink puppet with a VHS-esque filter is just what we needed today. It captures the same scene that his tour, The Magnificent Coloring Book World Tour, portrayed, and the same one that we saw when we went out to Queens back in the fall for his headlining set at The Meadows festival. “Same Drugs” was one of our favorite songs of last year, and it’s sure to be one of our favorite videos of this year. Check it out below:


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