For a whole bunch of people, 2016 was a rough year—there’s not much doubting that. But in Williamsburg, Spring 2017 is going to bring something ‘suite’ for everyone.

OK, immediate apologies for that truly miserable pun, but bear with me: Dylan Sprouse, brother of Cole and one half of the duo that made up Disney Channel’s Zack and Cody on both The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life On Deck (as well as playing the kid in Adam Sandler’s epic tale Big Daddy) is opening his own local micro-meadery in Williamsburg called All-Wise, and it will be housed at the William Vale Hotel. According to an interview with Bedford + Bowerythis makes Sprouse, 24, the youngest master-brewer in the country.

As the former child star told them, he is looking to bring people into Mead—a fermented honey drink that goes back hundreds of years, and has begun to make a comeback in the microbrewing community—hoping to make it into a thing. “We want to bring mead to people as this new alcohol with an old history,” he told them, detailing that he’s been experimenting with combinations, including one that includes Hawaiian honey, and tea made from smoking tobacco, that apparently gives a nicotine buzz along with the natural effects of, you know, drinking alcohol.

Sprouse also detailed that there are plans for a reality show, titled Mead in America to be filmed at the William Vale Hotel location.

Working hard and experimenting to bring you the best mead possible

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A Sprouse is back doing business at a hotel, only this time, there’s booze involved. What a time to be alive.

Check out the All-Wise Meadery’s page on Instagram, and also check out the below clip, because there’s a lot going on there:




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