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Only two-and-a-half hours away from New York City, embedded deep in the Catskills, Deer Mountain Inn represents outdoorsian tradition and charm, crossed with modern elements of luxury. With a six-room lodge and two cottages available for overnight accommodations, there is also a restaurant located on site, spanning wide with all kinds of options from a full three-course meal to a quick mid-day bite, or coffee and dessert.


A standout of the restaurant is the full-service bar, which offers a variety of drink options for the taste of any patron. With fresh, locally sourced ingredients, there’s no better way to have your drink prepared. And man oh man, it is good.


And before you think about planning a trip up to the mountains yourself, you can take a stab at creating one delicacy for yourself, as the restaurant was kind enough to share the recipe and instructions for the drink with us. Below, find the recipe for Deer Mountain Inn’s delicious original cocktail, The Beet Street, in the words of Bar Manager Darren Joseph:

“The Beet Street” 
2-4 slices/pieces of fresh ginger
1 oz of beet shrub
3/4 oz of fresh lemon juice
2 oz VDKA 6100
This cocktail is shaken so it should be built in a tin shaker. Set your tin in front of you and place the ginger in bottom. Then add the beer shrub and fresh lemon juice. Take a muddler and muddle the ginger. Then add the vodka. Take your larger tin and cover. Shake vigorously. Then you want to double strain over ice into a rocks glass. The garnish is a lemon peel and zest.
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Photos by Daniel Hollis


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