Only a handful of days into 2017, and we’ve got major, major, hard breaking news. MAJOR news: Hip-hop couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, who had stuck together through the latter’s house arrest, and his cold war beatdown at the hands of a Canadian guy named Aubrey Graham.

This morning, though, Nicki confirmed TMZ’s report that the couple had split sometime around New Year’s Eve, as the two were seen partying separately as the new year was rung in. Confirming that she’s no longer with the Philadelphia hip-hop mainstay, the “Superbass” and “Cocoa Butter” superstar sent the following tweet out to her near 21 million followers:


So, a few things to unpack there. First of all, yes, Nicki and Meek are history. Meaning, in the end, “Back to Back,” the hardest bars that Drake has ever thrown down, won out. “I don’t want to hear about you ever again,” he raps on the song, and now, hey, maybe he won’t? Probably not because Meek is pretty popular and not half bad at the rapping thing, but…. yeah. “Back to Back” still bangs and adds even another layer now.

Secondly, Nicki focusing on her work is exciting. She’s always been good for at least a few smashes per record, and as “Cocoa Butter” showed a few weeks ago, can get a lot out of her guest talent as well.


Please, please, give “Back to Back” a ceremonial listen this morning:



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