As soon as the guest schedule was released for the week, it was clear that last night’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah was going to be one to keep tabs on. The guest with Noah, now in the midst of his second year hosting the political satire program after taking over for Jon Stewart last year, was none other than outspoken conservative “pundit” Tomi Lahren, who works for Glenn Beck’s online network The Blaze.

If you don’t know Lahren’s name, first of all, I envy you, but there’s a good chance that you know her face and voice: she’s the one who gets shared on your Facebook feed once a week from that kid from High School that no one’s actually heard from in years, ranting and raving about things like Colin Kaepernick, Donald Trump, and Black Lives Matter protests.

The interview, suprisingly, was quite civil. Filling the shoes of a legend like Stewart is no easy task, but it seems like the South African host is finally settling into this own voice and position here; with a volatile and hostile guest, rather than get aggressive and combative with her, he calmly and precisely refutes her talking points one by one. It’s impressive to watch them discuss a litany of issues while remaining civil after the election cycle that just came to a conclusion.

After the show aired a shortened version of the 26-minute interview (and apparently unaware that The Daily Show is a 30-minute program with commercials), Lahren wasn’t pleased, and took to twitter.

With this obviously happening due to the time constraints of the show, Lahren later found that her full, unedited interview was posted online, and she and Noah had, again, a surprisingly civil exchange:

And they’re right. While you probably don’t agree with both—pretty impossible, since they seem to disagree with each other on essentially everything—it was nice to see them do something that essentially none of our presidential debates did: allow for an actual conversation or debate, devoid of someone talking over someone else.

Check out the full interview below, via Comedy Central:


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