Your transit into work is about to get a whole lot more enjoyable, because now you can watch Netflix on your phone or tablet offline, meaning you can watch when you’re underground on the subway with absolutely no service, or above ground, but without running up data overages that potentially cost more than the month’s rent.

That’s right—in the update for your Netflix app that’s available today, you’ll be able to download TV and Movies directly to your phone, and make it much easier for yourself to not notice that weird guy on the train breathing deeply right into your face. Not everything on the catalogue is available for downloading at the moment, but plenty is; the early fare includes things that Netflix produces itself, such as Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, House of Cards etc., as well as a handful of movies (Pulp Fiction and Paddington cover two of the extremes offered), and other landmark shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men are also available. So is Black Mirror! Most importantly, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation are both downloadable as of this very moment, so, basically, there’s no reason to be upset ever again.

See those downward arrows on the right? Those are the download buttons. 

Netflix says that even more content will be added with time. You’ll be able to download the shows in your choice of two formats: a lower-quality, less space, quicker download ‘Standard’ option, or ‘Higher’ quality, which will be the opposite of everything just mentioned. Previously it was said that Netflix wouldn’t offer a feature like this. But Amazon Video, one of the streaming giant’s largest competitors, has been offering this as well—not many people realize this, but I’ve been reaping the benefits of watching Hannibal and Red Oaks on my phone on the train—for all of their Prime Video options, as well as any downloads.

This is a big thing anywhere, but particularly for us here in New York City, as so much of our time is spent underground, going from place to place. The offline option is huge. A friend of mine saw this news earlier today, and texted me this: “RIP Reading.” I wouldn’t quite go that far, but…. this is certainly some exciting news.


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