We love everything about dim sum—except waking at an ungodly hour on the weekends for it. Happily, for non-early birds unable to catch the har gow in Sunset Park, it’s now possible to snag turnip cakes during weekday evenings in Williamsburg, thanks to King’s County Imperial’s recently launched Dim Sum Suppers.

Granted, you won’t find carts stocked with steamer baskets piled with grasping, mottled chicken feet traversing the slim, meandering space, but what you will get is a pretty sweet deal on sharable Chinese small plates. From 5:30-7pm Monday through Friday, $15 per person nets a series of options from a sizable menu, with solo diners selecting one dim sum (such as Berskshire pork long dumplings, scallion chicken buns or shrimp toast), one vegetable (including dry fried long beans, wok seared pea shoots or “mock” shitake mushroom eel), and one noodle (dan dan, cold sesame, ants climbing a tree) and groups of up to six feasting on four dim sum, two vegetables and two noodles, as well as fried rice and soup (it’s always advised to dine with a group at KCI anyway, in order to score a coveted Lazy Susan table).

11713878_867948356591917_1133585529473249721_oAnother benefit of dim summing after sundown is access to a complete cocktail program, with libations running the gamut from Shanghai Mule’s with Chinese bitters, the Buddha’s Hand with gin, rose and honey syrup, and Imperial Mai-tai’s on tap. Although if you insist on equating the convivial meal with brunch, the promotion holds from 11am-4pm on Sundays, and features additions like ginger congee with poached egg and The King’s Mary, a bloody spiked with proprietary soy sauce, daikon radish, and Szechuan peppercorn salt.

13537678_1052784298108321_4659006856578849640_nOf course, this presents the original dim sum dilemma of mobilizing early and navigating crowds, better saved for a full-on cart experience in Chinatown, considering you can currently partake in a casual, dumpling-fueled dinner in Williamsburg.

20 Skillman Ave, Williamsburg




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