Aberlour – The True Original


Many believe the wild mountain stream has healing powers. Others claim spirits speak through the babbling current. What is known for certain is that the water source that helps give Aberlour whisky its exceptional taste is remarkably pure, clear and soft.

Aberlour’s uniquely rewarding depth of character starts with the water, which comes from the heart of Scotland’s whisky-friendly Speyside region. Aberlour sources all of its barley from within a 15-mile radius of the distillery. The skilled craftsmen take care of the rest. The Aberlour difference even shows in the new make spirit as it emerges from the still. It’s dense with flavor – crisp, clean and redolent of blackcurrants and red berries.

Aberlour single malts are made from expertly crafted new spirit, usually double cask matured for at least 12 years in the finest hand-picked Oloroso Sherry butts and first fill Bourbon casks. The former add a rich, spicy, full-bodied fruitiness; the latter hint at sweet vanilla. The Whisky Maker and his team artfully marry the two into a compelling single tale. They are the same people who laid down the casks of what is bottled today as 18 year-old.

When new stills were installed on the property in 1975, distillers discovered a 1898 bottle of Aberlour. They recreated it without adding water or using modern methods, giving each numbered batch of Aberlour A’bunadh – “the original” in Gaelic and a worthwhile collectible item – a spicy, full-bodied fruitiness and dark amber color.


With an abundance of gold medals – including trophies for the best single malt of all – the Aberlour distillery is consistently recognized in the most prestigious international whisky competitions for producing single malts of exceptional quality and depth. Aberlour’s founder would prefer you tasted for yourself. His motto? “Let the deed show.” The proof is and always has been in the drinking.

Come for the story, stay for the whisky. No matter your desired experience, Aberlour has something for you.


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