Sunflower Bean, by hook or by crook, has seen a meteoric rise in profile over the past few years. Beginning as friends jamming in a basement, the Brooklyn trio eventually released a sampling of music that caught a lot of attention, and led to opening spots for popular outfits like Best Coast and Diiv.
Earlier this year, the band released its first full-length, titled Human Ceremony, which has seen widespread acclaim and far-ranging appeal. Sunflower Bean—who named one of their very first songs after indie darlings Tame Impala—has also appeared widely in the media, including in the current issue of the New Yorker, a profile in Rolling Stone, and another fairly early in this very magazine.
This week, on the heels of another recent release—an EP of covers titled From The Basement—the band will be returning to our borough for a headlining show at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg. Before they take that stage by storm, though, the group, composed of lead vocalist/bass player Julia Cumming, lead guitarist and occasional singer Nick Kivlen, and drummer Jacob Faber, took some time to share their fall playlist with us, which includes some of their favorite jams to help us ease into the newly crisp fall air.
The Microphones- Where Lies My Tarp – Nick + Jacob

Snuggle under your tarp and let this song warm you during the colder months. – Nick
This is a track off the iconic and epic “The Glow Part 2”. In my books it is the most fall sounding record that has ever been made.Jacob
Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie 

This is a song that makes me want to walk around wearing big headphones, get a cup of coffee, and enjoy NYC in autumn. Stereolab is a sick band that constantly makes me wish I could write songs in French. – Julia
Ulrika Spacek- Lady Godiva’s Operation 

Totally did not see this coming. Ulrika did an amazing job with this cover. I can’t stop putting it on. This will definitely be on my fall playlist this year. – Jacob
Unknown Mortal Orchestra- Little Blu House 

I’ll love this song forever. Love the tight groove. First time I had heard this record was fall of 2012 as I was starting my senior year of high school. – Jacob
Pure X- Fly Away With Me Woman 

Nothing better then snuggling up to your loved one and on putting this song to warm up from the brisk cool air of the fall.– Jacob
Check out the complete playlist below:

Sunflower Bean will play a headlining show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 7th. Tickets are available here.


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