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Morrissey, the eccentric solo artist and former lead vocalist of The Smiths, has been notorious over the past several years for canceling shows, and even entire tours, at a moment’s notice. So, it makes sense(?) that with his scheduled show at Flatbush’s Kings Theatre on September 24, the tide would turn the other way, that he would surprise us with an event that was un-planned (or at least kept secret).

The singer will open a pop-up shop called MPORIUM, it says in a post on his official Facebook page, at Sugar Mutts, on Saturday, September 24, and Sunday, September 25. The shop will be open from 10 AM – 6 PM on Saturday the 24th, and 10 AM – 5 PM on Sunday the 25th. It’s not clear what will actually be sold the MPORIUM shop, but the Facebook post mentions exclusive limited edition tee shirt designs, as well as 100 limited edition bundles, which will include numbered posters, pillowcases and pens,¬†and one poster that will be raffled off and signed by Morrissey.

When you think about random places that Morrissey could’ve held a pop-up event, an animal shelter probably wouldn’t have been very far down the list; he’s a long-time animal rights activist, and this dog shelter clearly found a place close to his heart. Sugar Mutts was founded by Amy Marciano; she believes that all dogs are created equal, rescuing dogs from other shelters around the city, where they’d otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space and resources. A fee and a percentage of the Pop-up’s proceeds will go to the animal shelter. This is a cool event, and one that the Morrissey and Smiths fans around the borough¬†will want to take advantage of.

Below, check out Morrissey performing The Smiths’ hit “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles back in 2007:

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  1. […] The same night of his show at the Kings Theater in Flatbush, September 24th, Morrissey will also make a cameo at Sugar Mutts to host a popup shop benefitting some of your favorite furry friends–either that or he’ll use the proceeds toward his oft talked about legal fees discussed in Autobiography. But, of course, the sad boys (and girls) expected to bum rush the animal shelter are not going because they give a fuck about dogs who need homes. No, they want that exclusive merchandise. […]


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