Free Pizza + Free Beer Tomorrow: Norbert’s Pizza Has a New Bar and Backyard!

Norbert's Pizza is Giving Away Free Pizza & Beer

Norbert’s is the coolest slice-shop in Bushwick, and here’s one good reason why: if Norbert and Roberta (yeah, that’s right) got into a fight, Norbert would win because he’s small but wiry, and badass, whereas Roberta would be too worried about wrinkling her new micro-designer linen jumpsuit, and plus, it’s hard to fight in mules. Norbert’s a vegan, so that might put him at a slight disadvantage, but he’s good at being vegan; Roberta might actually be getting pretty old at this point?

Here’s another (more concrete) reason Norbert’s is the coolest slice-shop in Bushwick: to celebrate a brand new beer and wine license, and to publicly christen their backyard bar, Norbert’s is giving away beer and pizza on Friday, September 9 at Norbert’s III, the official name of their third location at 791 Flushing Avenue.

To clarify and expound, that’s free beer (!) and free pizza (!) from 9:00PM until midnight, plus the bar will be open until 2:00AM or later, with music from DJ X-Coast and jO. This is the incredible power of Norbert.

The event’s Facebook page puts it this way: “FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY ,,,, MONSTER TRUCK RALLY AT NORBERTSSSS PIZZA”. Sounds perfect. Will there actually be monster trucks? Maybe. There might be cats, too, because Norbert’s loves cats. Check out their Instagram, which features Norbert, the namesake kitty.

Yay! #norbertspizza

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Norbert’s first opened in late 2012 at the corner of Myrtle and Charles Place, right across from Little Skip’s coffee shop. After the building changed hands (that corner is now home to Birdy’s), Norbert’s was operating solely from Norbert’s Express, at 4 Stuyvesant Avenue. Norbert’s III officially opened last February and serves the same vegetarian and vegan slices and pies, with an additional menu of pastas and heros.

The new bar at Norbert’s III—serving just beer and wine—will offer a new menu full of delicious drinking snacks. Norbert’s also delivers, which means they’re now delivering wine and beer with your pizza. Directly to your house. Here’s the delivery map (Norbert’s III in red, Norbert’s Express in blue):

Nobert's Pizza Delivery Range

If you miss Friday’s event, head to Norbert’s sometime this fall—they’ll be offering a $4 slice + beer special for the rest of 2016 out of the pure and lovely generosity of their hearts.


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