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Because the internet is a disgusting and despicable place, SNL star Leslie Jones’ website, JustLeslie.com, had to come down this afternoon after being viciously attacked by online hackers. The scum-of-the-earth hackers commandeered her site, posting nude photos that reportedly originated from her iCloud account, images of her drivers license and passport–an absolutely vile invasion of privacy–, and photos of getting-near-overdone meme Harambe the gorilla, among other wildly racist attacks.

Jones, whose only crime is being funny and talented, was recently under scalding fire on Twitter from racist and sexist trolls, including Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopulos, who led much of the horrific charge. Jones briefly left the site, before returning and helping NBC to cover the Olympics. Yiannopulos, a particularly vile racist and sexist, was permanently banned from Twitter for his behavior.

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The latest attack on Jones, who starred in last month’s Ghostbusters reboot, is just another in the wholly unacceptable parade of complete and utter shit that she’s been put through. It goes without saying–by anyone with a working and empathetic brain–that Jones is completely undeserving of the abuse coming her way, and these pathetic people, who cannot deal with a black woman being funny and successful need to take a step back and realize what they’re doing. It’s too bad that you’re not happy with what’s happening in your life. There’s no excuse to take it out on someone else because they’re not like you.

Banning Yiannopulos was the right move, and a correct step in attempting to solve the problem, but in the wild wild west of the Internet, the only way to fight rampant sexism and racism is to stand strongly against it. You have to be vocal; to be heard. People who understand how to be wholly decent, stand with Leslie Jones. How we’ve come to this point, and how things will continue to devolve from here, I don’t know. But Leslie Jones deserves one simple thing: to be left the fuck alone.

Images courtesy of NBC and Leslie Jones On Instagram


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