Since we’ve last spoken, everyone’s favorite reclusive R+B genius, Frank Ocean, has followed up his visual album, Endless, with a more traditional album, Blonde. And, man… it’s fucking good.

The record–titled ‘Blond’ on its artwork, but ‘Blonde’ everywhere else–appeared late Saturday afternoon as an Apple Music exclusive, and clocks in at almost exactly an hour long. It’s much more what we were expecting from the Salinger-esque crooner than the avant-garde and abstract Endless, but both come from the same creative space, and getting Frank back after a four-year absence in any capacity is simply a treat. Blonde will take more than a few listens to unravel entirely from a lyrical and sonic perspective, but just as Channel Orange before it, the album is undeniably addicting. Listening through the first time, as anyone does with a new album, there are questions. Will this stick with me? Will it be a favorite? How much will I really like this? But then the second listen comes. And the third. And the fourth. And so on. Blonde takes control of your brain, your nerve endings, and forces you to hit the repeat button on whatever device you happen to be listening on.

And… whoa! We’re not the only ones who feel this way! We’re lucky enough to live in a time where there’s a pretty sweet website,, that helps us share and compare opinions, including on music, among other things. On the all-inclusive topic of Frank Ocean it looks like bridges have been built and a step towards world peace has been taken–no matter what disagreements come up, we’ll all have Frank.

Below, check out a few of our favorite comedians, actors, musicians, and more who are all aboard the Blonde train with us:

Kanye shows his Watch the Throne, Yeezus, and The Life of Pablo collaborator some love.

Zac takes a break from being adorable to listen to some tunes.

Tyler, The Creator, a fellow OFWGKTA member, worked on the album with Frank.

The new host of the Daily Show has had some cool musical guests; perhaps Frank will follow suit?

Maybe Frank will appear on The Tonight Show for a duet with “Neil Young.”

The social rights activist/leader is an avid fan, often tweeting during the leadup to the crooner’s album releases.

Lorde, who has filled in for Frank before, knows the plight of the eccentric crooner.

The Game of Thrones star is a huge fan.

Blonde definitely joins Chance’s Coloring Book as one of the best records of the year; Chance here shows his love for Frank’s “Nikes”

The hysterical comedian/actor used huge range of music for his short-lived but strangely brilliant Kroll Show, and will be appearing in the upcoming musical animated film Sing.

With Blonde arriving just within the past few days, you can look for that star to continue to shine bright. The album is still an Apple exclusive, meaning that as time passes and more platforms pick it up, the audience that the record exposes itself to will continue to expand. It has a chance to be Frank’s first #1 album–Channel Orange peaked at #2 in 2012–on the Billboard Charts, overtaking the long-term run of Drake’s Views. It’s a rare time, everyone–enjoy the album, and enjoy Frank. Because once he disappears back into hiding, who knows when we’ll get him back.


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