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Chance the Rapper has been on a massive avalanche of success ever since releasing his second mixtape, Acid Rap, in 2013, before putting out Surf with friend/collaborator Donnie Trumpet a year ago, showing up as a featured artist on various songs—including a transcendent verse on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam”—and eventually leading to one of the best records of 2016, Coloring Book, which came out in May.

Meanwhile, Mr. The Rapper has been making the rounds—and I mean the rounds—on the TV circuit: Colbert, Saturday Night LiveColbert again (twice in one show), SNL againKimmelFallon, and now, finally, extending his reach to the A.M. portion of your day, on Good Morning America.

Now, let me note: I am obsessed with this record. This guy is the definition of a fucking rockstar right now, and his joy, excitement, and straight-up passion for what he’s doing is infectious. He popped up at Lollapalooza a few weeks ago, and this past weekend showed up at Eaux Claire and performed with Bon Iver and Francis and the Lights.

Even his impromptu Twitter freestyle from last week has garnered over 230,000 retweets. 230,000! Who else gets that many retweets? That’s even more than another cool guy from Chicago got on a pretty popular Tweet.

Not only has Chance been omnipresent in the media, it’s a challenge to find anyone with anything negative to say about him or his work. His latest project has been out for over three months, and I don’t think a day has passed that I haven’t listened to some of it, at least. If you’ve managed to pass over it, first of all, how? Second of all it’s OK, you’re forgiven, but you need to listen.

Check out the full video below of the “Summer Friends” performance on Good Morning America, and enjoy the undbridled giddiness that comes at the very beginning of the clip when Chance giggles after Robin Roberts says that she loves mixtapes:


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