How long are you willing to wait? The play Waiting for Godot, the iconic Chinese Restaurant episode of Seinfeld and a 2009 episode of the NBC sitcom Community all played with the idea of patience and breaking points, and once again, art has been predictive of life.

After a long, aimless wait, it was reported earlier this week that Frank Ocean, revered R&B genius/hermited human being, would finally be releasing his second album, Boys Don’t Cry on Friday, which is now today. And being that today is now Friday, and there is still no new Frank Ocean album available anywhere, the internet is notably frustrated, stuck listening to some gems from Mr. Ocean’s back catalogue.

Luckily, social media exists to keep us all from losing our minds, and to keep us all entertained as we wait for Boys Don’t Cry to finally arrive. Remember, everyone, while it will be great once it does get here, Frank Ocean doesn’t owe anyone anything. Every note his beautiful voice belts out is a gift and a privilege to our ears. Check out some of the most interesting Tweets that show the Internet freaking out about the lack of new Frank Ocean, right now, dammit:


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