Dr. Dog was a formative band for me, and I’m sure for many of you. The Pennsylvania psych-rockers showed up during the point in my college career when their grungy existentialism felt like it was ripped from my own heart, and their devotion to close-knit harmonies and layered guitar noise stomps were the ideal soundtrack for aimless night drives. I loved Dr. Dog because they dealt with things like impatience, apathy, grief, hopelessness and shame–not topics that necessarily turn you into an overnight success. But they remained true to their roots and their sound throughout–even releasing a new album this February called The Psychedelic Swamp. It sticks to their formula–one that their diehard fans continue to love and support.

But, Dr. Dog has been a band for about a decade and a half, and as most creative types know, that’s a long time to stick with just one thing. Enter Lithuania, the side project of the group’s drummer Eric Slick. Along with Dominic Angelella and Ricardo Lagomasino, Slick is creating his own solo project and a particular brand of searing psych-rock. The first full-length release/a> from Lithuania, Hardcore Friends came out last year, and the follow up White Reindeer will be out in early 2017. For now we get a sample of what the trio is up to on their sophomore album with “Holy Water.” Slick described the thrust of the song as being about “how we often complain about being alone in an era of interdependence and permanent connectivity.” Over his signature, surging percussion and a tangle of bleating guitars the song channels Weezer-level-angst, reflecting on loneliness and survival with just enough strength to ensure–we’re going to make it after all. Listen below.

White Reindeer will be out in early 2017.


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