Throwing parties is an art form, and one of the most essential ingredients for an excellent gathering is the soundtrack. For some people constructing a playlist is a joy, an ease, something to pass the time. But for others, it seems like a monumentally difficult task. For the latter, we got you–just put on the Spotify playlist at the end and you will be met with accolades. And for those who are experts themselves, what did we leave off? What are your go-to’s? The great thing about party playlists is they can always be updated. Check out our picks below.

1. “Signs” — Snoop Dogg Feat. Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake

JT on the hook, Snoop rapping, and plenty of funk. This is guaranteed to get the party moving, even if everyone is still sitting on lawn chairs eating the straight-from-the-freezer burgers you grilled for them. This is also a great song because it reminds you to put on FutureSex/LoveSounds later when everyone goes home.
2. “E.V.P.” — Blood Orange

Freetown Sound is one of the best albums of the year. You could insert any of the tracks off of it here, but this one is particularly groovy.
3.”Same Ol’ Mistakes” — Rihanna

Duh. How many times do I have to tell you that Rih does Tame Impala better than they can?
4.”Mykonos — Fleet Foxes

Breaking up the upbeat vibes of R&B and hip-hop with a little lilting folk music is a classic party playlist move. In the meantime, anybody know when new Robin Pecknold music is gonna drop?

5. “Keep On Moving” — Bob Marley

At least one Marley song should be on every playlist until the end of time. This song never fails to cheer me up, it is ideal to listen to outside while birds are singing and the sun is warming your skin. QED.
6. “Surf Wax America” — Weezer

Look, I’ve had my qualms about Weezer. But this song is still a favorite of mine and brings up a ton of nostalgia. Plus all the surging language makes it great for a summer party.
7. “I’m In Control” — AlunaGeorge

AlunaGeorge and Popcaan on one song? Cancel all the other songs, let’s let these three handle summer from now on.
8. “Famous” — Kayne West

It’s sort of hard to deny at this point that “Famous” is the song of the summer… right? And even after everything that’s happened, I still love listening to it. Sigh. At least it’ll be a conversation starter.
9. “Warm Water (Snakeship Remix) — Banks

Banks has long been a favorite in my book, and this slinky remix just made an already-great track even better. This is the kind of song that will have that one guy at your party looking around and asking everyone “What, who is this??” You know the one, you know the guy. If you don’t, you are the guy. It’s okay, we still love you. That’s why we made this playlist.
10. “Psychic City” — YACHT

This would sound even better if we were on a yacht. I need to get some friend with boats.
11. “I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times” — Jamie xx Feat. Young Thug, Popcaan

Mic drop summer song. I anticipate telling my kids about the summer this came out.
12. “Middle” — DJ Snake Feat. Bipolar Sunshine

Normally I love to clown DJ Snake, but when you’re in the right mood at a barbecue, this song goes. Plus I love Bipolar Sunshine.
13. “Annie — Neon Indian

Neon Indian remain one of my favorite electro-funk pop acts, and this song is them at their finest–and I like the nice MJ allusion by using “Annie.”
14. “Them Changes” — Thundercat Feat. Flying Lotus & Kamasi Washington

Respect that. Bow down.
15. “One Dance” — Drake

Finally Drake got his number one! We got a great summer song, Kyla and Wizkid get royalties… everybody wins! God bless that petty Canadian.
16. “Summer Girls” — LFO

If you don’t love this song I don’t trust you.
17. “My Boo” — Ghost Town

This is the kind of classic deep cut that earns you respect at a party. Young grasshoppers should take note of that.


18. “Summer Friends” — Chance the Rapper

We’re so lucky to have Chance. This song had a weird narrative because people thought Francis & The Lights was a knockoff Bon Iver, but it turns out, they worked together on a different song that Chance’s song then sampled. Technology is amazing, right kids?
19. “Controlla” — Drake

See, unlike every other music critic on the face of the planet, I actually liked Views So yes, there’s two songs off that album on here. Personally, I think “Controlla” is better than “One Dance” anyway.
20. “Ocean Avenue” — Yellow Card

True story, I used to listen to this song every day on the way to work at the only movie theater in my town. And even when I moved to LA and actually drove down “Ocean Avenue” in Santa Monica, it still reminds me of those drives.
21. “Trap Queen” — Fetty Wap

This song forever and ever amen. Pretty sure Jesus himself puts this on his summer party playlist.
22. “Hot In Here” — Nelly

This song will forever make me think of middle school dances, which means it makes me horny. But hey, that’s sort of Nelly’s whole goal right? Better put this on later on in the night when everyone is already a little drunk.
23. “California” — Phantom Planet

Aside from getting every single person who watched The O.C. growing up to belt the chorus, this song is also a great reminder that you could be living in a beautiful sunny state. So why aren’t you?
24. “High By The Beach” — Lana Del Rey

Speaking of California, who embodies that whole aesthetic better than our queen Lana? Whether or not you’re near sand, this ethos of this song remains relatable.
25. “Home” — St. Lucia

Let’s not get too lost on the west coast, here’s a nice psych-jammer from a local Brooklyn band.
26. “2 On” — Tinashe Feat. ScHoolboy Q

One of my favorite inner genres is “songs that made the artist’s career”–and this is certainly one. Please, let the world right itself and turn Tinashe into a massive superstar very soon. Anyway, this is a song about being dumb and drunk that sounds sleek and smart. Incredible.
27. “Rhiannon” — Fleetwood Mac

I’m of the mind that this song should be on every single playlist on earth, because Stevie Nick’s moonlit angel storytelling voice is the only sound I want to hear every second of every day. But even if you don’t adore it the way I do, it’s a perfect end-of-the-night song.
Get the whole playlist here or listen below. Happy partying! Save me a burger okay?


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