RNC Troll Third Eye Blind
We’re entering the third day of the Republican National Convention’s four day stint in Cleveland, Ohio, but last night marked a night of borderline chaos for the Republican party. Yesterday was filled with antics–most notably Melania Trump’s plagiarism of a 2008 Michelle Obama speech that explained the shared values of the Trump family–yikes.

The convention isn’t filled solely with speeches, though and last night at a charity concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where the crowd was filled with RNC attendees, one of the performing bands wasn’t about to turn a blind eye to this crowd’s politic views.
Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind, hasn’t been exactly quiet about his distaste for the views of the Republican party; in 2012, Jenkins wrote an op-ed for The Huffington Post explaining that the RNC is, after all, not a “private event… but a public sales pitch.” So it comes as no surprise that when the band took the stage at a charity event for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jenkins made sure that his political views were known.
Apparently, the band’s frontman trolled the crowd by saying: “Raise your hand if you like science!” and played hardly any of the bands’ hits, but did play “Jumper” which is based off of the experiences of Jenkins’ gay cousin. Watch video below view Twitter as he explains the emotion behind the song, followed by boots from the less-than-accepting audience.


At one point, according to Cleveland.com reporter Troy L. Smith, Jenkins said “You can boo all you want, but I’m the motherfucking artist up here.”
Later in the night, Third Eye Blind replied to a disappointed viewer, giving the final word about the event.

God Bless America.


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