Last night the ESPYs–or for those of us who have never intentionally spent time on a playing field, the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards–took place in Los Angeles. Muhammad Ali is indisputably a legendary athlete, so it comes as no surprise that the ceremony would include a tribute to him, who passed last month. On the heels of his latest album Coloring Book, Chance The Rapper performed a new song towards the end of the ceremony to honor Ali.
The performance begins with an audio clip of a reporter asking Muhammad Ali what he wishes to do post retirement, to which he answers that he wishes to “do all he can to help people… get ready to meet God.” Then Chance appeared on stage with a reel of photos of Muhammad Ali playing behind him, pacing themselves throughout the performance.
Chance was joined by Donnie Trumpet, Jamila Woods, Peter Cottontale, and Teddy Jackson in his performance, and more audio clips of Ali speaking were interspersed throughout the performance. The song, with its stately beat and the emotional surrounding swell of voies provided by a choir were the perfect accompaniment to the Ali’s sentiments about doing good for others, and Chance’s words in honor of the fighter were equally moving. Watch the emotional performance–and some silly dancing featuring none other than Steph Curry–below.


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