Polly Jean Harvey, aka PJ Harvey, has been recording music since 1988, and she’s still going strong. Originally Harvey worked with a band, but switched to solo work in 1993, and she’s managed to morph in other external ways while still maintaining an essential PJ sound through the near 30 years she’s been performing. Whether you’re watching her 1993 MTV performance or a 2016 show in Moscow, Harvey’s skillfully commanding stage presence and eclectic sound has remained.

Her most recent album, The Hope Six Demolition Project, out in April of this year, included left field instruments like an autoharp and a bouzouki, along with other uncommon sounds, and today, Harvey released “Guilty,” a single from the recording sessions for that album. Most of the songs on the album lean toward playful, sweet sounds while maintaining political messages but, “Guilty”, in name alone, is decidedly much more sinister. The song’s catchy, repetitive questioning of who’s guilty is just as political as some of the other songs featured on The Hope Six Demolition Project, despite a different sonic palette. Listen to “Guilty” below.

The Hope Six Demolition Project is out now via Island Records. Get it here.

Image via Twitter.


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