In Gowanus, Threes Brewing Gets Monogamous with The Meat Hook

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Since it opened in late 2014, Threes Brewing made waves in brewing and dining in Gowanus. Along with the in-house brewery, the original three owners planned to open an ongoing restaurant in its large space at 333 Douglas. But then, they weren’t happy with how the food program was shaking out; so instead, they decided their kitchen would host a rotating cast of some of the best chefs and restaurants across the city—many of them based in Brooklyn. Quickly, people flocked to Gowanus to eat Roberta’s pies, grilled meats from the Sussman Brothers, Muffuletta from French Louie, and on and on. It was all so good, and so fun to anticipate what would pass through next. Washing it down with one of Threes own saisons or pilsners made it all the better.

Of course, keeping up a food program like that, in addition to a very popular brewery with a lot of external accounts, made for a lot of work. Which is why it comes as less of a surprise that Threes has decided to get monogamous with its food at last. This morning DNAinfo reported that Threes is committing itself to The Meat Hook, starting July 11.

One of Brooklyn’s most popular butchers will continue to do with Threes what it does best: grilled meat, and grilled meat sandwiches. But DNAinfo says, the exact menu is still in development—or at least under wraps.

Full disclosure, I previously worked as a server at Threes and, as reported by DNAinfo, and according to the ownership, it was not the easiest job in the world to essentially teach its staff a whole new menu every few weeks. With consistency can come overall service improvements. It was time for a systems’ upgrade.

“When we took a step back and assessed overall experience at Threes, we realized it was time to make some changes,” the owners wrote to DNAinfo in an email. “We believe that with a steady partner in the kitchen we can provide a better experience for our guests — not to mention our staff, who have had to open a new restaurant every few weeks!”

I get that; and it’s also hard to imagine there will be many people disappointed with their new, long-term partner (save, maybe, for vegans). But knowing Threes, they’ll do their best to accommodate the vegetarian-leaning eaters and carnivores alike.


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