Let’s face it: even though it’s really fun to score mini-bottles of shampoo and body wash from whatever hotel you might be staying at while on vacation, there’s nothing worse than traveling to somewhere far, far away only to find out that there’s no conditioner or toothpaste available at your destination. Here are our favorite things to take along on any trip you take this summer, from a tube of our favorite toothpaste to a face mask guaranteed to keep your skin hydrated after a long flight to the perfect lightweight pomade for reducing humidity-induced frizz.


1. Haloscope Glow by Glossier, $22

A swipe of this highlighter will make you look instantly awake after a long red-eye.
Available at glossier.com


2. Enriching Face Oil by Goop, $110

This organic face oil works wonders, plus it has the most delightful, herbal scent.
Available at goop.com


3. Mrs. White’s Unstung Hero Anti-Mosquito Natural Cologne, $38

An elegant way to keep bugs away this summer.
Available at shen-beauty.com


4. Soft Water Pomade by Baxter, $20

This lightweight po-made will keep your hair perfectly in place.
Available at modernanthology.com


5. Ginger Flight Therapy by Aesop, $31

Travel can be stressful, but a few drops of this essential oil will calm you right down.
Available at aesop.com


6. James Read H2O Tan Mist, $31

Pregame your summer glow with this subtle tanning mist and get beach-ready way before you hit the sand.
Available at shen-beauty.com


7. Botot Toothpaste, $11.50

Why don’t hotels ever have toothpaste? We don’t know. Come prepared.
Available at bywilderness.com


8. Grapefruit Deodorant by Meow Meow Tweet, $14

The best way not to offend your fellow travelers is by making sure you smell as fresh as possible, and this all-natural deodorant will help get you there.
Available at bywilderness.com


9. Nugg De-Stress Face Mask, $5

The quickest way to treat your skin is to slather on this soothing, all-natural mask.
Available at shen-beauty.com


10. Hydrating Facial Toning Mist, $11

Spritz this on liberally and feel dewy and fresh for your entire trip.
Available at soapwallakitchen.com  


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