We Called a Burger King in Brooklyn to See if They’ll Have Mac n’ Cheetos

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It’s hard to imagine anything better than taking two of the least healthy foods ever made, combining them into one snack, and then eating this snack for very little money at a fast food restaurant. I’m sure you agree. Yesterday, the The Washington Post reported that Burger King hopes everyone feels the same way: their “Mac n’ Cheetos” are tubes of fried macaroni and cheese covered in crunchy Cheetos powder—or, the brilliant-low-brow man’s mozzarella stick, as it were. And it gets better: Mac n’ Cheetos will come with a side of ranch dressing.

When we found out about Mac n’ Cheetos from the Post, we were really excited but also nervous. Would Mac n’ Cheetos also be sold in Brooklyn? We wanted to avoid heart break and ensure optimal snacking, come Monday, when they are set to release in select locations, at all costs. After all, a verified food analyst called them “the best food mash-up since Taco Bell introduced… Doritos Locos.” Say no more, food analyst. Plus Mac n’ Cheetos will only cost $2.49, and have a measly 310 calories! These days, that equals almost no money and is similar to eating air, compared to, say, drinking almost anything at Starbucks.

So, back to the story. Will we be able to inhale Mac n’ Cheetos in Brooklyn come Monday? This afternoon when we called Burger King at 1412 Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick, this is what we were told: yes, they do have them, only “they are not supposed to serve them until Monday.” Joy; and, Oh really? So they adjusted their answer somewhat: “But I could make them for you if you really want,” said the Burger King employee. *Caller nearly passes out.*

Go to 1412 Myrtle Avenue and, “if you really want,” eat Mac n’ Cheetos starting right now. Or, go to probably any other Brooklyn Burger King starting Monday, when, finally, you can officially eat this cheap and delicious fast-food hybrid of your most delicious fantasies. Yes, Monday: the fateful date when Doritos Locos will finally be unseated from its reigning food mashup throne.

Image via Burger King Instagram


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