Coming upon a memory of your teenage self can feel a bit like catching a glimpse of someone else in the mirror–whether it’s via an old letter, photo or an old friend. These little jolts of teenage memory can be electric or quiet, soothing or disruptive, but they all point back toward one thing–growth. Teen Body’s debut album focuses on the same thing, processing the growing pains of early adulthood through a filter of melancholy dream pop. Their debut album Get Home Safe is a 12-track record that was recorded in Bushwick with Bryan Keller at Zen as Fuck Studios, and whether it was osmosis via the studio name, or the trio’s innate sense of tranquility, it manages to parse the struggles of an evolving self while keeping an even keel.

Teen Body Get Home Safe Album Premiere

The band’s three original core members are Shannon Lee on vocals and guitar, Alexander French on vocals and bass, Marcus McDonald on drums–and they’ve recently welcomed a fourth official member, guitarist Alex Bush. They’ve just come through an adolescence as a band in their own way, after two years of playing live shows and figuring out their identity, Get Home Safe distills the band’s woozy, often sad impulses into an album that also fearlessly veers off into bouts of freneticism. The most intense of which may be “Daymoon,” a song that surges through the opposites and juxtapositions its title suggests. Often their songs stray into fantastical or mythological territory, like on “Riverstone,” a roiling track anchored by hushed and muffled vocals. “Quarterlife” speaks most directly to the album’s central thesis, whirling through the feelings of isolation and uselessness that hit twenty-somethings in a post-college blitz. My favorite, though, is the wispy “Rhododendrons,” which opens slowly and mimics the delicacy of its namesake.
Overall, the songs ebb and flow in the way that great first records should, butting up against each other and spilling into one another like waves. Stream the entire thing below and check them out live at their album release show on Saturday, 7/2 at Sunnyvale.

Get Home Safe is self-released. Get it via Bandcamp.
Photos by Thang Tran.


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